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About Meredith

"I grew up knowing that one day I would become an interior designer. As a child, I would rearrange my bedroom furniture and draw houses and rooms for fun. I like to think it's in my blood-my great-great uncle was renowned interior designer Jay Spectre. He was a groundbreaking designer, and he left a legacy of internationally-inspired designs.

Today, I enjoy finding my own inspiration in the world around me, while staying true to my roots."

Meredith is a Louisville, KY native and loves bringing beauty into her hometown. During her college summers, Meredith interned for a freelance designer and learned the ins and outs of not only being a successful interior designer, but also running a business.

Meredith's career also consists of working at high end furniture retail destination in Louisville, KY. After spending over 3 years working with furniture, visiting factories in North Carolina, and attending multiple High Point, NC furniture markets, Meredith gained a vast knowledge of quality home furnishings and interior design. 

Today, Meredith G. Taylor Interior Design, LLC provides extensive interior design services, and partners with the top builders and renovation contractors in Louisville. Meredith also has direct access to the top furniture and accessory manufactures available in the marketplace. Learn more about these services here!


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