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The Design Process- A Breakdown

Creating a stunning, custom, and functional space is the main goal of every interior design project. But how do we get from brainstorming ideas to a photography-worthy space? Scrolling through social media and watching HGTV will show you so many beautiful spaces, but what all goes into that process?

I recently wrapped up on a master bathroom remodel project, and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to break everything down from start to finish.

  1. Initial consultation- This is the beginning of the interior design process where we meet in the space to be designed, discuss what your goals are, and take measurements and the "before" photos!

  2. Project planning- Once all the measurements are taken, the planning phase can begin. A good design always starts with proper space planning, which helps guide all the design selections that follow.

  3. Design selections- Now that we have a space plan, we can get started on building the design. Whether we're working on redecorating a living room and selecting new furniture or remodeling a bathroom, this is when the design gets created.

  4. Presentation & Ordering- Here is the fun part! Once all the design selections have been made, I'll present your custom design. The presentation breaks down everything you'll need to complete your project, how it all fits in your space plan, and all pricing and ordering details. From there, we'll place the order and wait for my favorite day- install day!

  5. Installation- The moment we've been waiting for! Now it's time to get everything on site, set up, and installed. I will organize all deliveries and tradespeople for a seamless and stress-free set up.

  6. Styling & Photography- Congrats! Your project is now finished and everything is in it's place. Before wrapping up our time together, I like to style your new space and get those beautiful "after" photos. It's so exciting and fulfilling to see the total transformation from before to your new custom design.

As you can see, there's a lot that goes into the interior design process to get from start to finish. Those stunning picture-worthy spaces take a lot of time and effort, but are so rewarding in the end!

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